Intervention group

In a clinical trial, the group receiving the treatment (intervention) in question, as opposed to the control group, which receives either no treatment or another treatment.  HTAI


A procedure, such as treatment with medicine drug, surgery, behaviour change (such as diet or exercise), psychotherapy (such as counselling), early detection (such as screening) or use of patient educational materials.  HTAI

Intention to treat

A principle of analysis that includes data from all participants allocated to a specified clinical management group as representing that group irrespective of whether they received or completed the prescribed regimen, or whether they were followed for the full...

Inclusion criteria

A set of conditions that must be met for a person to take part in a clinical trial, such as gender, age and type or stage of disease, as well as medical history. It may also be a set of rules to decide if evidence is included in a systematic review or HTA....

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