HTA Consumer Consultative Committee

The committee – made up of the consumer representatives from PBAC, MSAC, PLAC and their subcommittees – helps the Department of Health work more closely with consumers and communities in HTA decision making; brings consumer and community evidence and views into HTA...

Highly specialised drug

A medicine that is listed in the PBS to treat chronic conditions but to which only public and private hospitals with appropriate specialist facilities are allowed access because of its clinical use or other specialised features. Funding is provided under the HSD...

Healthy-year equivalent

The number of years spent in good health that a patient would see as equal to the actual number of years they spend in ill health. For example, if someone spent 10 years ill, they may see it as equal to five years spent healthy. HTAI

Health technology assessment

The systematic evaluation of the clinical effectiveness and/or cost effectiveness and/or the social and ethical impact of a health technology on the lives of patients and the health care system. Its main purpose is to inform health care policy makers. The process...

Health Technology

Any form of intervention to improve health, such as drugs, devices, medical equipment and procedures relating to health care and its services, including prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a condition. HTAI

Health Status

The level of health of a person or group of people that is measured either by the person or people themselves and/or by scientific means. The level is usually based on the patients’ ability to carry out everyday activities such as dress and feed themselves or freedom...

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