Definitions used with the thanks to the following sources

ACTA – Australian Clinical Trials Alliance. About ACTA: What is a Clinical Trials Network? 

CoA – Commonwealth of Australia (2013) Glossary: Key terms for preparing submissions to a health technology assessment (HTA) advisory committee for funding of a medicine, medical service or prosthesis (Version 1). 

FDA – US Food and Drug Administration (2019) Real World Evidence. 

Danner & Gerber-Grote – Danner, A & Gerber-Grote A (2017). Analytic Hierarchy Process. In Patient involvement in health technology assessment. (Eds Facey KM, Hansen HP, Single ANV). Springer Nature, Singapore.

HTAi – Health Technology Assessment international (2009) HTAi consumer and patient glossary: A beginner’s guide to words used in health technology assessment. 

QIS – NHS Quality Improvement Scotland Glossary

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